Random Tidbits About Mihama Town

Akari no Moribito

(Keeper of the Light)

The "Akari no Moribito" is a project launched in 2020 by the project's committee in collaboration with The Nippon Foundation to personify lighthouses across Japan.

The character is voiced by Masaya Matsukaze, a Japanese actor, voice actor and radio personality who has featured in animes such as Hunter x Hunter (as Illumi Zoldyck) and Durarara!! (as Morita).

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Nomakey is the official mascot of Mihama Town. It is depicted as a half-seagull and half-lighthouse. Making its first appearance in 2013, a then-student of a local elementary school gave the name.

Nomakey carries a padlock and holds a key, signifying the fixture that can be found next to the Nomazaki Lighthouse, where couples would place their padlocks to symbolise their eternal love.



In 1832, at age 14, he served as a crew member on the Hojunmaru.

On one of its expeditions, the 15-meter vessel was caught in a storm, leading the ship and its crew members to drift in the Pacific Ocean for 14 months. Otokichi and two other crew members survived the ordeal and became the first Japanese citizen to set foot in America.

Learn more about Otokichi and his incredible journey on HistoryLink.org.

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